Dancing Bowl. 2000
Poplar wood & paint
6 x 6"
Collection: The Artist

2000 - "Jane and Arthur Mason Collection" Mint Museum of Craft and Design, Charlotte.

2000 - "Living with Form: The Horn Collection of Contemporary Crafts" Group Show
Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock USA. February

2000/03 - Untitled Entertainment Room , 1000sq ft total interior /Commission Followed by 2 stair railings, 2 fire place, tables, chairs.

2000 - Jane Friedman "The Power to Probe" American Style, (Winter)

2000 - Stephen Hogbin "Appearance and Reality,: A visual handbook for Artists, Designers and Makers"
Cambium Press, Bethel, USA (Spring)

2000 - Arno Verhoeven, "Talking Through Circles"
          Turning Points, Vol. 13, No2 Summer